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Amahi Mori, “Flow in the Dream”
Haven Gallery is pleased to present Japan based Amahi Mori for her first solo show “Flow in the Dream”. “Flow in the Dream” features nine works on paper that offer poetically symbolic portraits of living organisms. From the small and fragile wings of a butterfly or leaf, to the hardened gleam of pearls or the supple form of the human body, Amahi gracefully laces these lifeforms together through her delicate technique and monochromatic palettes. A fixed moment in time that focuses on celebration of life and the essence of being alive, even if just for a brief moment. An equatable link between flora, fauna, humankind and the animal kingdom, as life for all is ephemeral, and all living beings are connected through this transience. Such notions embrace notions found in Buddhism, Shintoism and Animism, practices commonly practiced in Japan both historically and in current day. Each drawing commemorates the span of existence, the continuation of life through and the glimmering beauty of these brief but bright moments in time.
About Amahi Mori
Born in Saitama, Japan.
2011 Finished bachelor’s degree Kyushu Sangyo University, Faculty of Arts.
2013 Finished master’s degree Tokyo Zokei University.
Based in Saitama, Japan. She mainly presents her work at galleries in Tokyo.

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