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Cheryl Lee, “Messengers”
January 20th – February 18th, 2024

Haven Gallery is honored to present US based artist, Cheryl Lee, for her first solo show, entitled “ Messengers”, at the gallery. “ Messengers” features twenty two new animal sculptures of sea, air and land, as they swim slither, glide and fly to share their messages with you. Dragons, snakes, snails, squids, frogs, moths and bats traverse great expanses with letters, packages and parcels.

“Messengers” can represent a reconnection with lost loved ones; a concept that spans many peoples and times. Visitations from animals have been associated with a “look in” from those dearly departed, and a reminder of their permanence in our own hearts. Further, these little messengers may serve as a reminder to stop and notice the life and beauty found on all corners for our planet. Presences and purposes all serving not only their own little world, but in unison, contributing significantly to our own microcosms and the world at large. Only the viewer can determine the meaning behind each visit and open their hearts to the love, meaning and memory they may carry.

Artist Statement
Medium- clay, driftwood, textiles, parchment, natural dyes, glass and metal findings.

From a young age, nature has coursed through my veins with an undying passion to create. Countless hours spent in secret spots behind trees and Jungle leaves creating mud animals and twig furniture with leaf blankets inevitably lead me to clay.

I often find connections with loved ones passed when sitting in the quiet of nature. A moths wing grazing my cheek, landing on me after having vivid memories of making clay animals with my grandmother when I was young. Finding a tiny octopus arm reaching out from its shell to my fingers. Spending time with a burrowing owl as it takes perch right next to me in my studio and just watches as I sculpt. Sometimes, I truly feel these interactions are a reminder. Little messengers. This body of work is my whimsical approach to bring spirit messengers to life. Tiny animals that have leaf wings and mushroom growth blend with the earth and go unnoticed as they journey to bring you a message from a loved one. They are timely creatures and excitedly visit their message outpost, with wonderment of who they will travel to next.

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