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Craww, Swords
December 15th, 2018 – January 19th, 2019
Opening Reception with the Artist: December 15th, 2018
“Swords” is a collection of new oil paintings and drawings exploring ideas of facing conflict and change, and finding strength through the adoption of signs and rituals.
Uniforms feature heavily throughout the work, their formality hinting at an inner strength while at the same time complementing the elegance of the figures. Ornate decorations, flourishes and details reinforce the bond with the natural surroundings and help anchor the subjects in the stage where their narratives take place.
Swords are an extension of that expression. Ceremonial in nature, they symbolise rituals of power and protection, as well as projecting the strength and courage that is at the heart of Craww’s muses.

Artist and habitual doodler Craww lives and works just outside of Sheffield, on the edge of the Peak District.
His work plays with the beauty to be found in contradictions and ambiguity – life and death, beauty and decay, strength, fragility, the interplay between conflicting and complementing forces of nature.
It’s an ongoing exploration of a natural world, where his muses are surrounded by flowing lines and natural forms, and where he works to uncover their ambiguous connections and hidden narratives.
Each piece is a story, or an aspect of an unfolding story that writes itself as he works on it. What has happened? Who are these people? What is their story? He aims to create work that is open to interpretation, asks questions and invites involvement rather than providing answers.
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