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Dewi Plass, “Love Letters to a Wild Heart” Exhibition runs: August 14th – September 12th, 2021 Haven Gallery is honored to present Netherlands (Nijmegen) based painter Dewi Plass, for her first solo show “Love Letters to a Wild Heart” at the gallery. “Love Letters to a Wild Heart” will feature ten acrylic paintings that embody Dewi’s tradition of animal sitters poised in their natural settings laced with delicate and playful motifs. Her paintings depict quiet moments of repose, wonder and contemplation, yet they teem with life as her compositions bustle with the exuberance of blossoming flowers, the fluttering of insects and curious guests of the smaller, feathered and furry kind. Growing up surrounded by nature and a variety of pets, Dewi found herself inspired by the animal and plant kingdoms. At a young age, these aesthetics influenced the birth of her love for drawing and painting. Each composition offers a glimpse into the beautiful and lively microcosm just outside our front doors. A world that beckons for connection and exudes hope and adaptation over the never ending odds of life. “Love Letters to a Wild Heart” is just that; a continued exploration, celebration and love of nature. Artist Statement In my latest show, “Love Letters to a Wild Heart”, I direct my gratitude towards nature’s healing power, that in a year and a half of turmoil, social distancing and solitude, due to the global pandemic, continues to provide us with a safe haven in which thoughts can become embedded, memories can be made and where serenity can be found. With this series of work, in which every painting can be seen as an individual love letter, I aim to honor nature’s unique ability to bring forward hope, tranquility and peace through the resilience it shows and the beauty it encompasses. It’s an ode to nature’s wild heart – a heart that never ceases to amaze. – BIOGRAPHY Dewi Plass is a Dutch artist, born in 1990, with a fascination for nature and a profound love for the visual arts that unfolded itself from an early age. However, she had no desire to go to art school as she felt it would not coincide with the very private and organic matter that she considered art to be, and thus she pursued an academic career in Cultural and Visual Anthropology instead, from which she graduated in 2014. Although Dewi found great joy in putting her academic skills in to practice, her love for the arts and her desire to translate the intangible images and stories that resided in her mind into visible, tangible sensations that could be shared with others, a love that had laid dormant for quite a while, started to resurface ever so often. This is why, in 2015, she decided to focus on her development as a full time visual artist, and since then her artwork has been shown in galleries across the world. Using acrylics as her medium, Dewi creates artworks in which animals take the center stage within worlds that celebrate nature’s splendor and invite the viewer to let go of all that’s familiar and instead explore the unexpected.

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