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Ingrid Tusell, “Tribal Enigma”
February 24th – March 24th, 2024

Haven Gallery is pleased to present Spain based artist Ingrid Tusell for her third solo show at the gallery. “Tribal Enigma” features thirteen oil paintings of powerful female personas deeply rooted in nature and folklore. Tusell looks to stories passed down for generations amid many cultures, and envisages the presence, magic and influences of these lessons. A reverence for the natural world and forces unseen are painted through the artists known palette of blues and greens creating a serene yet symbolic connection to all living things.

Artist Statement:
This set of works is inspired by the ancestral legends that we as a human tribe have created. These legends feature fantastic beings and goddesses of ancient mythology that speak of hidden forces and serve as symbols of the powerful aspects pf the magic and folklore. They stem from different cultures but all try to explain the mystery of life, the hidden aspects of everything that we can not explain, but that happens, the feeling of what exists but cannot be seen. A way of believing in nature and its cycles, in the human soul and in our ancestors who tried to leave a message, in short, the magic of life.

About Ingrid Tusell
Ingrid Tusell is an artist who was born in Barcelona and is now living in an old, restored mill in the mountainous terrain of Teruel, Spain. Her compositions have human subjects who are reminiscent of strong female indigenous warriors and goddesses. These empowering images of women are amongst fauna and flora associated with the stories they represent. Ingrid’s fascination with nature, life, and death, the divine feminine, and legends of tribes and myth, inspire her to create these hypnotizing portraits. She has exhibited in various parts of the United States, as well as galleries in Portugal. Tusell’s stirring, fantastical, and natural compositions are primarily created using oils on canvas or wood.

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