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Opening reception: Saturday, August 15th, 6 – 9pm

Haven Gallery is honored to present Catharsis, new paintings and drawings by Kate Zambrano that will be her first solo show with the gallery. Catharsis captures the juxtaposition between beauty and pain through the artist’s carefully selected subjects. Zambrano’s ability to capture her sitter at their most emotionally evasive and raw moments extends beyond her ability with medium. The evanescence of response is seized and with it, a fundamental essence of the human psyche is revealed.

“I have always been fascinated with dualities existing in nature – in particular, those related to the human condition. I will be exploring themes of solitude, anguish, and the individual metamorphosis we go through as human beings dealing with strife. I aim to convey the beauty of these individualized journeys and embody these darker nuances of the human psyche. It is through these moments where one’s self may be truly released and uninhibited. It is my hope to capture this brief instant in time and shed light on the beauty that exists in the darkest places.”

Private preview and tour with Kate Zambrano:

Friday, August 14th, time tbd.
Please rsvp to attend: [email protected]

Please contact us to be placed on Kate’s preview list: [email protected]

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