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October 23rd – November 28th, 2021 Laverinne is a watercolor artist from Indonesia whose style is inspired by art history, nature, mythology and Japanese manga. Her sitters are delicate yet bold females who marry their animal and floral counterparts in a graceful union of color and design. Noted is the artist’s articular penchant for flowers and butterflies, and these subjects as well as their colors, shapes and designs, can be found throughout her work. Particularly, and most creatively, one can see the artist’s infusion of these design elements within her playful animal sitters as they frolic and pose throughout her compositions. A further expression of detail, each watercolor painting is often embraced by exquisitely ornate framework, paying homage to the Art Deco period, in particular, the work of Alphonse Mucha. Laverine adds her own artistic touches to her favored aesthetics, uniting the organic and grandiloquent, creating a visual banquet of color, elegance and flair. “Colours of Nature” represents the artists love for nature. She finds that through her paintbrush, she can best express the majesty found in the natural world. A particular adoration of the flowers, forest, animals and humans are especially honored.

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