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Laverinne, “Crystal Poem”
January 20th – February 18th, 2024

Haven Gallery is honored to present Indonesian based artist, Laverinne, for her fourth solo show, entitled “Crystal Poem”, at the gallery. “Crystal Poem” features eight new jewel toned ballads painted in watercolor that look to the spectrum of crystals for their visual and symbolic inspiration. From palette to detail, one finds uplifting emotions and heartwarming motifs to illustrate the positive messages associated with each gemstone. A meticulous rendering of color and gradient reminisce of stained glass windows that seem to burst with life as compositional fluidity and motion breathe through each painted narrative. Laverinne’s quintessential female sitters enchantingly beckon you into their enchanting worlds of fantasy.


Laverinne’s application of watercolor is delicate, almost gossamer, with bursts of contrast and color saturation, resulting in a gyration of reverie. Her jewel tone palette evokes gemstones, reminding one of a brooch or heirloom, dear to ones heart. Female figures dance with color and gradient, connecting to a world of symbiosis and flourishment. Highly ornate and detailed framework adorn and enrich the intimacy of each composition, encapsulating these precious moments as the unique treasures that they are.

Artist Statement
In every piece I try to paint various kinds of crystal or gemstones with thought to the meaning that they have.

Rubies are known as symbols of love and commitment, so I painted with the timeless themes of eternal love and commitment in mind.

Morganite is believed to be able to heal your hear. The veil will cover you with it’s softness and warmth and ultimately heal you.

While sapphire is known as symbol of wisdom, like a lantern that can illuminate you.

Amethyst as symbol of peace and calming like the sound of piano that can make your mind flow peacefully.

Topaz as symbol of honesty, make you see everything clear as a mirror.

Citrine as the symbol of success and wealth, and the power of moonstone that will make you enjoy the warm breeze as symbol of new beginning.

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