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Lewis Carroll Group Exhibition
Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Lewis Carroll”, a group exhibition inviting artists to look to the writings of Lewis Carroll for inspiration in all visual and thematic elements. Creative homages to the environments, characters, costumes and/or narratives will be explored and reinterpreted in the artists own style.
Exhibiting artists include: Katie Gamb, Yuriko Shirou, Daria Aksenova, Yoko d’Holbachie, Kristin Kwan, Eeva Nikunen, Kaori Ogawa, Andi Soto, Daria Theodora, Zoe Williams, Valency Genis, Benz and Chang, Laura Colors, Paul Neberra, Lord Gris, David Stoupakis, Ilaria Del Monte, Jessica Mulholland, Sarah Finnigan, Jeff Echevarria, Marc Le Rest, Lara Dann, Gretchen Lewis, Laverinne, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser, Valerie Saverie, Zakuro Aoyama, Lucie Schrimpf, Hope Doe, Lesley Thiel, Matt Dangler, Takahiro Imai, Nikole Cooney, Stan Manoukian, Lihao Lu, Calvin Laituri, Nunzio Pacio, Zoe Chigi, Nikolas Tower

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