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Northport, NY Haven Gallery is pleased to present Materialization, a solo show of new work by Marc Scheff. Materialization is Scheff’s first solo show with the gallery and debuts his new series of multi-dimensional resin paintings. Each painting combines layers of gold leaf, paint and pencil in between stratum of resin to create a multi layered effect. Visible through the resin is each application of medium layered on top of one another causing an emphasis on the sum of parts that in turn are necessary to make up the whole. This multi-faceted technique stems from the culmination of Scheff’s artistic career thus far while simultaneously representing the many layers to the human psyche making up each and every one of us.

Materialization’s emphasis on portraiture calls for a return to fundamentals for Scheff. This re-visitation to the foundations of drawing and painting embody a similar return to our own personal rudiments when experiencing the trials and tribulations of our day to day lives. With every occurrence encountered, we see, feel and react, adding layers and complexity to our person. Oftentimes, separating these responses from what matters most is required for us to move forward and grow. Yet, simultaneously, these reactions may also be pivotal to our individual growth and make up who we are as people. The “materialization” of Scheff’s process
echoes this idea allows us to seek comfort in all that we experience for each layer is essential to the maturation and development of our distinct beings.

Materialization is about the emergence of the technique itself, as it seemed to me to materialize out of disparate parts in a very fluid way. It’s about my own personal materialization into a more grounded place of self-acceptance. It’s about the material quality of the work and how the material itself is an integral part of the experience. Marc Scheff

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