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Marni Fraser
“Arte Praeclara Filia Rex”
September 18th – October 17th, 2021

Haven Gallery is honored to present US based artist Marni Fraser for her first solo show “Arte Praeclara Filia Rex” at the gallery. “Arte Praeclara Filia Rex” will feature seven mixed media works that exhibit Fraser’s delicately hand drawn and painted females of strength, adorned with exquisite detail of the natural world, as well as medium. Ink, watercolor, graphite, 24kt gold leaf and wine are used harmoniously to embrace and convey a balance of grace and power found in these decorated deities. Always encompassed by nature, these females share and evolve to take on the forms and tendencies of the flora and animal kingdoms in which they co-exist with respect and symbiosis.

Fraser’s delicate approach to technique results in a stunning contrast of feminine elegance with determination and might. Embracing both minimalist and maximalist compositions, the artists pursuit of dualistic expression pulsates mellifluously. The depicted find their inspiration from mythologies, history and wildlife, spanning the globe. The title of the series itself, is an old latin one, “Arte Praeclara Filia Rex”, which translates to “Transcendent art of the daughter of the king.” A nod to the past in both literal and visual forms, that remind us of our connections to the bygone while reinventing ourselves in the present.

About the Artist

Marni is a self taught figurative fine artist from Southern California.

Her inspirations have included both classical and contemporary artists, fairy and folk tales, as well as world religions, philosophy and various mythologies. As a result, the work is continuously evolving in style, technique, and theme, as she feels the human experience is a continual work in progress.

Other influences have included classic and traditional African and Indian cultures, Asian classical art, and wildlife and nature programs.

Her themes focus on feminine expression in connection to the physical world. She uses various techniques in her work, using the tools she feels work best in the moment.

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