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“Siren’s Heart”
May 4th – June 2nd, 2024

Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Siren’s Heart”, a new collection of paintings from Spain based Nadezda. “Siren’s Heart” will be Nadezda’s fourth solo exhibition at the gallery and will feature six new oil paintings exploring the mythological siren in modernity. Centered on loosely rendered, female figures encompassed by cascades of abstraction symbolizing water, an antiqued legend finds itself traveling forward through time, picking up on other folkloric touches such as Scheherazade and Palominos.

Nadezda [Nad’e:zhda] is a Russia-born artist based in the Bay Area of California. She has contributed to creative projects across various genres – feature film, theatre, illustration and fine art. Heavily influenced by theatrical performance and an extensive background in costume and character design for film, her artwork is primarily about storytelling that portrays the human condition, an intimate window that exposes the inner world of her subjects: “I paint mirrors that reflect not just the body’s exterior, but the subconscious hidden inward landscapes of human nature. When people walk by my paintings, I want them to feel as if they walked by a mirror hanging on the wall and stop in their tracks, recognizing the familiar. I want them to see the true reflections of their inner selves – raw, vulnerable, playful, animalistic, vicious, childish, pure, free.. They don’t have to admit that likeness out loud to others, they don’t even have to admit it to themselves, but I hope the emotional hook will pierce their modern-tempered skin and rip a small hole, oozing with their long forgotten desires and dreams.”

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