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“Of Land, Sea and Sky” Group Exhibition Exhibition runs: August 14th – September 12th, 2021 A group exhibition in which artists interpret the mythological stories and characters of land, sea and sky. An exploration of how the natural environment cultivates and embraces these narratives as demonstrated through various mediums and artistic stylization. Artists include: Nunzio Paci, Daria Kropacheva, Orphne Archeron, Teagan White, Kristin Kwan, Ingrid Tusell, Nom Kinnear King, Yousake Kawashima, Andi Soto, Zoe Williams, Valency Genis, Alfred Liu, Benz and Chang, Laura Colors, Alex Garant, Karly Perez, Lord Gris, David Stoupakis, Nozomi Tojinbara, Jessica Mulholland, Sarah Finnigan, Jeff Echevarria, Ciou, Laverinne, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser, Valerie Saverie, Larysa Bernhardt, Candie Bolton, Kseniia Boko, Bec Bartell, Ronald Companoca, Flor Padilla, Kaysha Siemens, Camille Murgue, Nikole Cooney, Jennifer Healy, Robert Duxbury, J Henry, Lara Dann, Forest Rogers, Dolce Paganne, Howard Lyon and Marta Witkiewicz

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