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Penrider (Carlos Fdez)
New Works
May 4th – June 2nd, 2024

Haven Gallery is honored to present Spain based artist Carlos Fdez for his third solo show at the gallery. “New Works” will feature twelve meticulously drawn graphite works studying the human condition through psychological narratives. Using surrealistic motifs, Penrider materializes emotions and thoughts into concrete stories.

In this series, one finds the absence of the mind or body, often while being surrounded by a elements of noise or movement. The juxtaposition between the natural and civilized worlds are utilized to construct narratives mirroring emotional and psychological struggles facing humanity.
Penrider’s narratively surreal techniques allow viewers to see past the literal depictions presented, and contemplate the deeper psychological elements that exist.

Penrider (Carlos Fdez) is a Spain based artist, known for graphite works that often weave human and animal kingdoms together, all while constructing witty narratives.

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