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Raúl Guerra, “The “Lonely Ones
December 12th, 2020 – January 10th, 2021

Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is pleased to present “The Lonely Ones”, Guerra’s second solo exhibition at the gallery. “The Lonely Ones” will include nine paintings and works on paper that feature the artists quintessentially stylized portraits of children as they gracefully pose à la historic artwork and illustrations. Guerra is a storyteller of the human condition as he thoughtfully paints complex emotions as seen through the eyes of children. They are a heartfelt and thoughtful echo of the youth that remains in all of us always, and a reminder to embrace and recognize this very important part of our adult being.

Each artwork can serve as a refuge of childhood dreams and memoirs where one can find shelter and comfort from the complexities and shadows of a mature reality. His lone sitters are not Solivagants. They are a culmination of emotions and experiences, gazing out of their beautiful landscapes as they evoke feelings of happiness, safety and protection. They are symbols of our pasts and the beautiful echoes of it that live within the hearts and memories of all of us. Guerra creatively portrays this nostalgia within the context of mythology and history, using the powerful and universal force of storytelling to strengthen and expand his connections further.

Each child patiently waits for that bridge to reconnect us to these places and times where we’ve previously lived, felt and grown, to become who we are today. For we would not be just that without the world as seen through our younger eyes and experiences. Guerra’s work strengthens this link of the heart and celebrates its many emotions and labyrinths that make each and everyone of us the unique beings we’ve become and will continue to be.

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