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Alexander Mikhalchuk is a Ukranian surrealist painter living and working in Irpin. He is an artist we have been looking forward to working with here at Haven Gallery, and whose work finds itself in our personal home collection. Throughout much of the war with Russia, Mikhalchuk has remained in his home city. Recently, his studio has faced devastation. His windows and doors were blown out by the explosions and fragments of the war. Fortunately, his paintings were unharmed.

A look at the devastation of his studio, and the homes of about 1500 residents:

In order to help our friend and amazing artist with the recovery of his studio, we are launching a collection of his original oil paintings for sale, as well as an open edition print launch of two artworks. 70% of all sale profits will go to Mikhalchuk and 30% will be donated to Revived Soldiers Ukraine,, a non profit organization dedicated to providing aid to Ukraine.

With gratitude to Lilium Artistic Framing and Printing for their support in print production.

For the sale of paintings, shipping will be calculated separately and funds will be sent to the artist and RSUkraine at the time of artwork receipt. Shipping charges for the prints will be listed at checkout.

Thank you so much for your support!

Please direct any questions to [email protected].

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