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Li Shanmei, “Find the way home”
October 29th – November 27th, 2022

Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is honored to present “Find the way home”, a solo show of new work from China based artist Li Shanmei. “Find the way home” is Shanmei’s second solo show at the gallery and features eight new oil paintings depicting her youthful yet sage archetypes as they coalesce with nature. Her sitters exist in a world where time overlaps. Motifs of the past, present and future are implied in her painted universes. Feelings of harmony and peace persist despite the odds Shanmei’s personages may encounter. Their down turned eyes and serene expressions indicate the knowledge that all things pass, and one may always find their home in nature. ABOUT LI SHANMEI Li Shanmei is a Chinese artist born in 1989. She graduated from Yanbian University in 2014. Her oil paintings are known for depicting otherworldly children whose spirits and physical form are one with nature and life. Li’s paining technique is realistic yet illustrative, with an aesthetic embrace of computerized graphics. Her use of bold colors, geometry and mandalas are nods to systems of mathematics yet also embody tools of spiritual guidance and ascension. Li’s painted children represent new age deities that adapt to the innovations of technology while also maintaining homeostasis with their natural world.

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