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Alexis Savopoulos, “Memories” May 7th through June 5th 2022

Haven Gallery is honored to present California based artist, Alexis Savopoulos (Meadow & Fawn), for her second solo exhibition entitled “Memories” at the gallery. “Memories” features a selection of new paintings, shadowboxes and sculptures that focus on the artists animal sitters as they invite you into their magical worlds of being. Each creature is created with deep-rooted sentience and harmony within their environment. Savopoulos uses man made mediums and found objects to situate her wildlife. For example, her use of resin to create water based environments within vintage boxes creates enchanting, miniature microcosms, connecting us with the natural world. Her integration of organic material such as sand, preserved moss, shells and sea plants further relates her hand sculpted animals to their viewers. Each miniature world summons us into the the lives of our kindred fauna and extends the restorative qualities of nature to our own beck and call. ABOUT Alexis Savopoulos Alexis Savopoulos is a California based artist. She has been sculpting, painting, and jewelry making since 2012. She has shown with Haven Gallery since 2018 and has been featured at the Mesa Arts Center in Arizona as part of their “Flora and Fauna” exhibit.

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