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Andi Soto, “History of Emotions”
Opening Reception: November 9th, 6-8 pm
November 9th – December 8th, 2019

Haven Gallery is honored to present, “History of Emotions”, a collection of new artworks by Panama based artist, Andi Soto. “History of Emotions” is Soto’s second solo show at the gallery and will include fifteen new works on paper featuring her fearless use of ink and line. Solo’s work is multifaceted; she blends the finest black ink drawings with gorgeous transitions of color and delicate gold leaf. With each new series, one notices increasingly complex line work juxtaposed with a constant new exploration of color, texture and medium. Motifs of the natural world harking to her Panamanian roots intermingle with the regality and the canonizing of her female sitters often found in art history.

Soto’s states that her work is a result of “constant day-dreaming and contemplation. Her illustration work is the result of an introspection, a way to examine the world, lurking in the vast realm of the unconscious and the emotional response to darkness.”
ABOUT Andi Soto

Andi Soto is a self-taught illustrator. Currently, Soto spends her time residing in Panama and Croatia.

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