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Haven Gallery is pleased to present Brian Mashburn for his third solo show at the gallery entitled, “New Landscapes”. “New Landscapes” will consist of fifteen to twenty oil paintings featuring the artists iconic scenery with a noteworthy play on perspectives, both literally and figuratively speaking. The collections focus on unique outlooks certainly lends itself to the shifting of opinions and uncertainty concerning the worlds current climate. Our interconnectedness to each other, and the natural world, has been reiterated more than ever this year, and on a global scale. We have experienced change, adaptation and evolution, both on the micro and macro scales at an unprecedented rate. Mashburn’s work serves to reflect upon this through his use “point of view” and play on perspective, giving us new landscapes in every sense of the word.
“New Landscapes” provides multifarious viewpoints of his traditional compositions. Closer vistas of buildings and civilization can be found in some works, while vast overlooks of the landscape at large provide a connection to Mashburn’s artistic oeuvre and offer us a contrasting means to contemplate the world before us, as well as the worlds within ourselves. His work continues to serve as a reminder that life builds off of the successes and defeats of its past, as well as the cyclical quality of all things. Life subsists and always carries on through its many manifestations and perpetual growth.
ABOUT Brian Mashburn
Brian Mashburn is an American artist based in the mountains of North Carolina. He studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, receiving a BFA in 2002.Brian’s work depicts urban and industrial landscapes in close proximity to the natural world. Primarily an oil painter, Mashburn uses narrative and meticulous attention to detail to engage the viewer. His work is informed by everyday observations as well as an interest in history, natural science, and philosophy.Brian lives in Asheville, NC.

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