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Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Eternal Return”, a collection of new work by Jason Mowry. “Eternal Return” is Mowry’s second solo show at the gallery and will include nine gouache and watercolor paintings that present the art of storytelling through dynamic and otherworldly palettes and narratives. Mowry is a visual raconteur whose inspiration stems from the mythologies of antiquity throughout contemporary comics, all culminating into his own personal narratives. A nod to a bygone era and its simpler times are cultivated as the relationships between humans, nature and the animal kingdom are celebrated. Surrealist tendencies reminisce in his dreamy use of color and contortions of verisimilitude as symbiosis and ascension of a higher power of nature are embraced. “Eternal Return” serves as a reminder to return to our instincts and harness our dreams and intuitions. Laced with symbols and reverie, a purer harmony amongst existence in all of its forms is encouraged. The natural dichotomies of life and death are ever present with a grace and reception as the organic cycle of all matter. Mowry’s work prompts us to look to the past for guidance on the present and future, as this former period holds a significant place in our very being.

ABOUT Jason Mowry
Jason grew up between the art museums and comic book shops, combining the rhythms of each to walk the line between formal art and the fantastic. Jason calls Ohio home where he keeps a studio as well as teaches at the Columbus College of Art and Design.
Inspired by the stories he reads, and the people and times that surround him, Jason’s work blends myth, personal narrative, and symbolic imagery to speak to the larger collective narrative.

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