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Carlos Fdez “Suspense January 22nd – February 20th, 2022 Haven Gallery is honored to present Spain based artist Carlos Fdez for his second solo show “Suspense” at the gallery. “Suspense” will feature eleven impressively drawn graphite works and one oil painting that embodies the artists psychological narratives enhanced with his dramatic penchant for lighting. This series focuses on stories that elicit emotions of anxiety, apprehension and excitement as the viewer finds oneself in a pivotal and climatic moment of sensory reactions. About Carlos Fdez Carlos Fdez is draftsman working out of Spain, known for his meticulously rendered graphite artworks that often intertwine the kingdoms of human and animal in the forms of witty narratives. Often, these stories can be found to represent both an internal and external struggle between the natural and civilized world. Upon further consideration, the interplay between these themes may serve as a metaphor to the emotional and psychological struggles humans face today. A nod to Freudian theories relating to the ego, superego and id, or our impact as a species on the natural world, Fdez’s works leave the mind in perpetual wonder and questioning.

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