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Erika Sanada, “Bonded”
Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Bonded”, a mini solo exhibition of new work by Tokyo born, now California based artist Erika Sanada. “Bonded” is Erika’s second mini solo show at the gallery and features a collection of seven ceramic works that serve as a visual exploration of the artists plaguing anxieties found amidst her daily life. Sanada is known for her candy colored sculptures of animals, usually puppies, playing, dreaming and interacting with other animal cohorts. The puppies represent Erika and the empathetic viewer, while the added animals represent notions of anxiety.
In this particular series, Sanada challenges her anxieties though the idea of bonding with them as a means of confrontation. Her puppies engage their foils, in this case, the birds, in a playful manner. She describes this process as a means of “bonding”, as her exhibition title suggests, as part of her continual journey in making peace with this common emotional and mental adversity.
Through her sculpture, Sanada cathartically confronts and copes with her own reoccurring anxieties while simultaneously connecting her audience through this universal affliction.

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