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Kimera Wachna, “Noctua”
Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Noctua” a solo exhibition of new work by Washington based artist Kimera Wachna. “Noctua” will include nine acrylic paintings on wood slices that embrace the grace and allure of the natural world coupled with the magic and reverie of fairytales. Kimera’s use of jewel toned palettes are invigorated with her extraordinary application of light and contrast, akin to her exhibition title, creating an illuminating glow and heightened sense of narrative magnificence. Her animal protagonists frolic and play in a world inspired by her childhood home located in a foresty town in New York. Despite the tales of whimsy and enchantment, universal themes such as the natural cycles such as life, death and rebirth, pervade her paintings resulting in an elegant retelling of tales as old as life. Her visual narratives embrace the nostalgia and wonder of our childhood but even more so, the time and cadence of organic being.

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