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“It Came from Beneath the Sea”
Guest Curated by Travis Louie
*Guest Curator Travis Louie and many exhibiting artists will be in attendance.

Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is honored to present “It Came from Beneath the Sea”, a group exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures, guest curated by Travis Louie. “It Came from Beneath the Sea” derives its name and inspiration from the 1955 science fiction movie of the same title. The storyline is centered on the discovery of a giant, radioactive octopus in the Pacific Ocean and how this leviathan is handled before havoc is wreaked on the Bay Area. The exhibition harks back to this movie and its supernatural antagonist as well as other oceanic compatriots of the fantastical variety.

Louie is known for curating shows that tend to pay homage to the supernatural as well as films featuring special effects of the past, prior to CGI. The influence of these stories and stop motion effects are also apparent on his own artwork and stem from popular science fiction films dating back to his youth. Louie is a painter known for his imaginative, monochromatic acrylic paintings centered around the visual styles of the past such as Film Noir as well as German Expressionism, comingled with the characters and monsters from post war and contemporary television, comics and movies. Oftentimes, and as is the case with “It Came from Beneath the Sea”, Louie particularly enjoys curating and exploring films featuring the visual effects of Ray Harryhausen.

“It Came from Beneath the Sea” explores aquatic life through narrative tales of sirens, mermaids, deep sea divers, octopi and more. Various marine creatures are depicted in each of the artist’s signature style as they embark and share what they find and imagine to exist in the darkest depths of the deepest seas.

Exhibiting artists include: Travis Louie, Mia Araujo, John Cebollero, Steve Ellis, Lauren Budney, Jocelyn Henry, Travis Lewis, Shaunna Peterson, Rick “Dienzo” Blanco, Bob Eggleton, Martin Hsu, Robert McKenzie, Vince Nguyen, Tristan Elwell, Mark Elliot, Vince Natale, Chris Seaman, Iris Compiet, Fred Harper, Stephen Hickman, Steven Daily, Zoë Williams, Tom Cochran, Glenn Barr, Sarah Joncas, Brandi Read, Lola, Amy Sol, Mark Garro, Allison Sommers, Tiffany Turrill, Don Murphy and Jane Ann Wynn

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An opening reception will be held on Saturday, May 13th, 2016 from 6 – 8pm at Haven Gallery. Many of the exhibiting artists will be present, including Travis Louie, John Cebollero, Lauren Budney, Vince Natale, Fred Harper, Zoë Williams, Jane Ann Wynn and more.

Haven Gallery is located at 155 Main St., The Carriage House Square, Suite 4, in Northport, NY 11768

For additional information and images, please contact Erica Berkowitz at [email protected] or (631) 757-0500

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