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Jeff Echevarria
“Go Then, there are other worlds than this…”
May 2nd – May 31st, 2020

Please note that all artwork is available unframed and framed. Artwork pricing listed is for unframed work.

Unframed artwork is available to ship immediately, while the framed option, with pricing to be determined, will ship once framing is available post quarantine. Frame costs should they be desired will be invoiced separately.


Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Go Then, there are other worlds than this…”, a collection of new charcoal and graphite drawings by New Jersey based artist, Jeff Echevarria. “Go Then, there are other worlds than this…” is Echevarria’s first solo show at the gallery and features a selection of expertly rendered drawings reimagining characters and stories of folklore and legend. An aptly chosen title finds its inspiration from a line out of Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower” series, as Echevarria invites us into these mysterious and magical realms rekindling narratives found within our hearts and own imaginations.

Echevarria’s technique is praised for its realistic tendencies, but also its heartfelt approach to technique and story telling. Each drawing is masterfully drawn but imbues heavy emotion as the artist revisits stories of the past with new eyes and perspective. A near death experience, resulting surgery and subsequent rehabilitation, left Echevarria with an opportunity to learn again how to draw and see the world anew. His art represents just that; a beautiful revival and celebration of perspective; a familiar but novel visit to the transportive and comforting worlds of the supernatural and a revival of hope. A reminder of the power and strength of human perspective and heart.

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