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Yuriko Shirou, “Addictions”
October 29th – November 27th, 2022 Northport, NY–

Haven Gallery is honored to present “Addictions”, a solo show of new work from Mexico based artist Yuriko Shirou. “Addictions” is Shirou’s third show at the gallery and consists of eleven haunting paintings consisting of watercolor, acrylic, gouache, pastel color, markers, inks, graphite and color pencils on paper. For this particular collection, the artist continues her pursuit of studying psychological neuroses through her art with a focus on addiction. Her white haired, girlish sitters most notably portrayed as ball jointed dolls, tackle obsessions with gambling, candy, drinking, drugs and other manias. The paintings in “Addictions” focus on individual figures as they contend with their own personal challenges. Trials that have pervaded humanity throughout history and are defined by a sense of solitude. Each painting is created with an autumnal palette mimicking an aged and antique style which further sets a dramatic and timeless mood. Shirou chose ball jointed dolls as her sitters; soft and sweet, yet slightly uncanny, with the physical manifestation of their addictions consuming them. Her choice of gentle heroines contrasts the darker adversaries they face, creating a balance of light and dark and representing the hope of triumph over our inner demons. These sweet girls are struggling with trials we all face at some time or another in life. ABOUT YURIKO SHIROU Yuriko Shirou is a self-taught Mexican illustrator. Her professional work has dabbled in Manga, American Comic and Figurative Art. She has done several international projects for various publishers such as Rittenhouse Archives, Cryptozoic Entretainment, Braiiinz! Publishing, Perna studios, among others. She has participated in international art and illustration exhibitions, among which the Creators of Legends / Homenaje a Hans Ruedi Giger; SuperficieArte, Mexico-Switzerland / 2016-2017. She has conducted workshops and conferences focused on Illustration as well as a large number of international commissioned works and various printed publications, including The Guide Artists Magazine / October 2017.

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