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Mall, “Luminescence”
September 24th – October 23rd, 2022 Northport, NY

Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Luminescence”, a solo show of new work from Philippines based artist Mall. “Luminescence” is Mall’s third solo show at the gallery and features fifteen new mixed media resin paintings and drawings that embrace forms of light to create glowing microcosms of life. Girls dressed in kimonos delicately pose amidst magical dreamscapes full of color, shimmer and energy. Mall’s paintings take on sculptural qualities as she applies a multi layer technique with her paint, washi tape and sequins, animating her magical worlds. Cosmic, animal and floral elements whirl and flow through her compositions, giving each portrait a graceful sense of movement reminiscent of dance. Radiant moments of time are captured and through their flow, sweep us away to an enchanting dreamworld. About Mall’s Process: Mall layers paint and washi tape between layers of resin. She does this in trays and plates locally sourced in the Philippines. Her use of resin and its transparent nature allows her to build delicate layers that suspend her female figures amidst the natural world surrounding them. This technique allows for a three dimensional presentation highly inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics, the stylization of anime and manga and their contemporary narratives.

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