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Music Box II Group Show
January 14th – February 19th, 2017
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 14th, 6-8pm

The art of music dates back to the prehistoric era and has served a number of purposes throughout the passage of time and evolution of mankind. The ability of expression through sound has proven to play a variety of roles including inspiration, comfort, pain and the bringing of people together. In our second edition of “Music Box”, artists look to a lyric, song title or musical genre to intertwine with their aesthetics. The transcending medium of sound is paired with their visual expression, bringing at once a dual connection of emotion which serves to further strengthen the bridge between artist and viewer. Each artwork exhibited will contain its musical inspiration alongside its title to further enhance the already connective forces of the visual arts with their mellifluous counterpart.

Artists include: Mark Garro, Vince Natale, Kelly McKernan, Kristin Shiraef, Mandy Tsung, Shane Pierce, Genevive Zacconi, Che Leviathan, Helice Wen, Kane Kokaris, Kukula, Anka Lavriv, Joshua Lawyer, Bec Winnel, Nicolaus Ferry, Brendon Flynn, Scott Fischer, Sasha Ira, Rebecca Yanovskaya, Rachael Bridge, Gianni Monteleone, Rebecca Mason Adams, Susannah Kelly, M de Vena, Matt Mrowka, Michael Hayes, JoKa, Erica Calardo, Scott Grimando, Alessandra Maria, June Leeloo, Joseph Weinreb and Brian Viveros

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