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Nicolas Bruno: The Embellished Collection

Haven Gallery is pleased to present, “Nicolas Bruno, The Embellished Collection”. “Nicolas Bruno, The Embellished Collection” is an online collection of his highly success Tarot Card interpretation as seen through the lens of the artists dreamscape. This series features each card as a unique, one of a kind, hand embellished (with 24kt gold leaf) artwork.

“The Somnia Tarot” chronicles the entire Tarot Card Deck with all of its suits, through the hauntingly beautiful dreamscape stemming from the artist’s sleep paralysis. Bruno uses his quintessential characters, moods, symbolic pillars and backdrops in a breathtakingly poignant adaptation of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana, totaling seventy-eight photographs. This seventy eight piece collection is the artist’s largest series yet and both uniquely and elegantly execute the timeless narratives of the Tarot Deck.

Bruno’s artwork confronts his lifelong battle with sleep paralysis. His artistic process represents and records each step of his cathartic journey from drawing the dream the moment he awakens, to building sets and costumes and ultimately inserting himself into the majority of these roles. Each aspect allows for therapeutic healing as the artist seizes control over these common anxieties of fear, solitude, and pursuit that permeate both our sleeping and waking hours. Bruno’s command over these nightmares and anxieties through his artistic endeavors take his subconscious odyssey one step further embracing and expanding into empathy and collective connection.

Please note that each artwork is made to order, and embellished with 24kt gold leaf by the artist himself. Each unique work is framed as you see below.
Images are pre-rendered and serve as examples.
Finished artwork may differ slightly from online image.

Artwork production is approximately 3-4 weeks from time of order. Most works will be ready to ship second week of July depending on order time. Shipping charges will be billed separately.

Payment plans are welcome and tailored to each collector’s preferences.

Please direct questions and inquiries to Erica at [email protected] or (516) 807-4076 (texts/calls welcome)

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