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Nikolas Tower, “Her Wind” Exhibition runs: August 14th – September 12th, 2021 Haven Gallery is pleased to present Greek artist Nikolas Tower, for his first solo show “Her Wind” at the gallery. “Her Wind” features a collection of painted portraits honoring female personifications and deities found throughout history. Thematically and aesthetically, Tower pays homage to powerful women from Ancient Greece, Babylon and Asia and couples each sitter with playful elements of nature such as birds, butterflies and flora. A penchant for design, pattern work and relief studies can be appreciated through the artists creative and bold use of shape and ornamentation demonstrated in flowing strands of hair and amorphous representations of the female form. These motifs can be found painted as well as drawn in gold and silver leafs, creating dimension and spirited portraits beholden of these legendary women. About the Artist: Nikolaos Kafasis, also known as Nikolas Tower, is an artist and Illustrator, born in Greece in 1998. He took traditional art, academic drawing, and color study lessons at the “Art Palace” private art school in Rhodes for 7 years (2009-2016). Throughout the past years, he has experimented with a lot of painting and drawing mediums, including graphite, charcoal, acrylics, pastels, oils and more. Nowadays, he works mainly with watercolors and mixed media. He is inspired by nature, anime, fantasy books, ancient Greek and Asian culture – often combining the two – and mythology. Nikolas’ style is characterized by stylized compositions, organic motifs, flowing lines and abstract elements, surrounding female & male portraiture. Through his watercolor Illustrations of otherworldly, tranquil, and mysterious women & men, he is trying to convey a world of silent human feelings that cannot easily be expressed in words. He is currently studying Pedagogy in the Mediterranean University of Rhodes, where he also lives with his family, and he is pursuing a career as a contemporary artist and illustrator.

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