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SCOTT RADKE: ANTUMBRA is a limited-run 10×10″ 144 page hardcover book published by 44FLOOD.

The book presents Scott’s artworks with context in elucidating an evolutionary path that connects directly to our individual and collective growth, all through a relationship to art.

Each book comes with a free bookmark (pictured here).

The book’s creative team:

Created & Designed by Kasra Ghanbari
Art & Photography by Scott Radke
Researched & Written by Kasra Ghanbari & Tim Rudisill


$40 each + $12.95 shipping and handling (international orders may incur additional shipping charges)

* 8.625% NY Sales tax applicable on all orders shipping in NY

*Book to ship from November 9th onward.

SCOTT RADKE “Idem Facere”
November 3 – December 8th, 2018
Opening Reception Saturday, November 3rd, 6-8pm

Scott Radke’s surrealistic sculptures hold great emotion and stories in their childlike faces. A mixture of animals, celestial bodies and anthropomorphic beings make up this collection, each offering a strong and unique presence. These chimeras intermingle nature with humanity, bringing our most instinctive emotions to the surface, but also playfully pull at our imagination and invite us to follow them into their secret worlds.

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