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Steeven Salvat, “Nymphalidae” Exhibition runs: August 14th – September 12th, 2021 Haven Gallery is pleased to present French artist Steeven Salvat, for his first solo show “Nymphalidae” at the gallery. “Nymphalidae” will feature nine ink and watercolor paintings that chronicle a variation of butterfly specimen celebrated in his fine ink and watercolor technique. Salvat is known to couple the duality of the natural world with elegant design and fabrication. A nod to the exceptional detail and color found in nature and its influence on science, art and the world of man made beauty and innovation. Each painting from the “Nymphalidae” collection is presented as a specimen study. The butterflies are presented forward facing, with a name plaque and identifying jewel and stained glass elements listed. Each butterfly’s thorax and abdomen are opulent keys, made up of highly detailed gold filigree with encrusted ruby, sapphire and emerald details. Jewel tone wings glow with color and light as they embody the radiance of stained glass. Every detail features fine line work and a hatching technique which echoes the gossamer and most delicate threads of life. A reminder to take in all that is here, all that is and all that can be, and the interconnectedness between these two not so distant worlds. Artist Statement Nymphalidae will showcase a collection of artworks depicting a various range of butterflies evolving to precious hybrid lifeforms made with antique goldsmith work on skeleton keys, gemstones and stained glass wings. The paintings are based on real species of butterflies, made in a way to echoes the elaborate entomological studies done by naturalists in the past. They includes official-looking, hand- drawn nameplates describing the fanciful and fictitious scientific names of these hybridized and reimagined organisms. Each piece is crafted with watercolor and China ink on watercolor paper aged in a bath of black tea. This show is part of a wider series called ‘Precious littles’. It is an ode to exceptional craftsmanship and luxury houses translating the beauty of nature into their creations, but is also an allegory for the preciosity of biological systems.  ABOUT STEEVEN SALVAT Steeven Salvat is a French artist from Menton, born in 1990, who lives and works in Paris. Passionate about drawing, nature, science and history, he creates artworks with a hatching technique, using black ink, Rotring pens, a lot of lines and hundreds of hours. Inspired by the work of masters like Albrecht Dürer, Gustave Doré, Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Molitz and Moebius, he pays close attention to technique and details. His favorite tool, the Rotring pen, allows him to obtain a rendering close to engraving but always with a touch of modernity. A meticulous and delicate work that praises the passing of time, where each line acts as a count. Steeven Salvat’s subjects highlight the duality, especially between nature and mechanics, in works that remind naturalist engravings of the 18th century. The animals to which he gives life, line after line, interact with unique objects, pieces of gold and silver, ancient works of art …

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