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“Time” Guest Curated by Patrick & Jeannie Wilshire.
Opening Reception: May 19th, 6-8pm
Exhibition runs May 19th – June 23rd, 2018

Kindly sponsored by Babe Wine.

“Humanity has always been fascinated with time and its inexorable nature, leading inevitably from solidity and life to chaos, disorder and decay. Artists, too, have addressed the concept of time in a variety of ways throughout the centuries. In the 21st century, contemporary imaginative realists have taken up the mantle of their forebearers, bringing their unique insights to bear on this most human of concepts, a topic especially fitting for a field of artists who routinely bend time both forwards, backwards and sideways in their work, showing us times that have never existed, or haven’t existed yet, or could exist with the slightest sideways jog of the eternal stopwatch . . . . “Time” presents the visions of nearly 30 of the finest imaginative artists working in the field today.” – Patrick Wilshire

Artists include: Alessandra Pisano, Donato Giancola, Christopher Burdett, Richard Hescox, Scott Murphy, Jennifer Hrabota Lesser, Scott Fischer, Rain Delmar, Vanessa Lemen, Jody Fallon, Matt Smith, Andrea Sipl, Steve Hickman, Steve Belledin, Shane Pierce, Julia Griffin, Steven Russell Black, Armand Cabrera, Travis Lewis, Doug Hoppes, Mark Poole, Anthony Palumbo, Carly Mazur, Randy Gallegos, Vince Natale, Jeremy Wilson, Victoria Steel, Omar Rayyan, Annie Stegg, Gianni Monteleone

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