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February 24th – March 31st, 2018

Opening Reception with exhibiting artists present: February 24th, 6-8pm

A derivative of memento mori (translation: “remember that you have to die”), vanitas reminds the viewer of their inevitable death and the frivolity of earthly, hollow endeavors during their brief existence. This concept is most noted in the Golden Age of Flemish Art but has left its mark on art throughout the ages. One such noted painting entitled “The Ambassadors”, by Hans Holbein the Younger, exemplifies this idea through the heavy use of symbols. A narrative exists laden with symbolic representation, yet complimented by the inexorable fate of death in which we all shall face one day.

Exhibiting artists include: Laurie Lee Brom, Amy Katherine Minchew, Audra Auclair, Fay Helfer, Sarah Joncas, Stan Manoukian, Jennifer Hrabota-Lesser, Adam S Doyle, Masha Gusova, Matt Dangler, Steven Daily, Kit Mizeres, Thomas Dodd, Garry Buckley, Luke Kopycinski, Joseph Weinreb, Sam Guay, Meagan “Magpie” Rodgers, Criminy Johnson, Gretchen Lewis, Jon Ching, Corinne Geersten, Daria Aksenova, Yosuke Ueno, Nick Fierro, Scott Grimando & Anjipan

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