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Yuriko Shirou, “Obsessions”
Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Obsessions”, a solo show of paintings by self taught, Mexican illustrator, Yuriko Shirou. “ Obsessions” is Shirou’s second solo show at Haven Gallery and will consist of nine paintings encompassing watercolor, acrylic, gouache, ink, marker, pastel and colored pencils. Shirou’s imagery is heavily inspired by the human condition at its darkest moments as well as narrative motifs often found in fairytales. The darker side of these stories are depicted through her own uniquely developed narratives seen through the lens of her emotional states. The artists use of contrast and sepia tones strikes an illuminating yet antiqued depiction of her sitters as they subtly pose and engage their telling environments. Her use of a mixed media technique provides depth and conveys a wide range of emotion. These visual explorations embrace challenging psychological states of the mind, such as doubt, mania, agony and unrest, amongst other anxieties, while simultaneously, casting a light on the darkest of moments to show the beauty lurking within.

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