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Please note that there are two pages of artwork. 

5 Years of Haven
August 15th – September 13th, 2020

This month marks our five year anniversary of exhibitions at Haven Gallery. Joseph and I are so grateful to all of you: our collectors, artists and champions, for all your support.  It is through the depth and beauty of art that we have been able to connect with you all in a multitude of ways, and call you all our friends. Art is a force that bonds us as humans and allows us to learn not just more about ourselves, but about each other. And in this age, we need that personal and heartfelt interrelation more than ever.
It has been an absolute dream to wake up everyday, and be surrounded by incredible art, but also the very special people who create and support its fruition. We love and believe wholeheartedly in our artists and the works they create and it means the world that you all enjoy and believe in it too.
Our art movement is a very special one; it is straight from the heart and exhibits some of the greatest talent and vision in the world today.  Thank you all for being a part of this very important and trailblazing journey. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy our curation and find works of art to adorn your places of comfort.
Erica & Joe
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