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September 19th – October 17th, 2020
Mall, “Elements”

Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Elements”, a solo show of new work from Philippines based artist Mall. “Elements” is Mall’s her second solo show at the gallery and will feature fifteen new mixed media resin artworks. Mall’s resin work takes on the qualities of both paintings and sculptures as she alternates layers of paint, Washi tape and resin to create a suspended moment in time. Female protagonists in elaborate kimonos frolic, dance and intermingle with principals of nature such as flowers, patterns, animals. A nod to her exhibition title, the artist plays with elements of sky, earth, air and weather as a means to set the stage for her whimsical compositions. These gracefully painted moments in Mall’s work are melodically alluring and designed to transport both artist and viewer into a world of dreams and harmony.

About Mall’s Process:
Mall layers paint and washi tape between layers of resin. She does this in trays and plates locally sourced in the Philippines. Her use of resin and its transparent nature allows her to build delicate layers that suspend her female figures amidst the natural world surrounding them. This technique allows for a three dimensional presentation highly inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics, the stylization of anime and manga and their contemporary narratives.

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