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Adam Oehlers “Neath Root and Leaf”
April 1st – April 30th 2023

Haven Gallery is honored to present England based artist Adam Oehlers for fifth solo show at the gallery entitled “Neath Root and Leaf”. “Neath Root and Leaf” is comprised of both watercolor paintings and ink drawings that unfold the next chapter of Oehlers’ fantastical narratives. Beneath the roots and leaves, as the title suggests, an action based chronicle is revealed as our favorite protagonist prolongs her stay in an enchanted world of macroposia, as she bears witness and joins her woodland companions in skirmishes between land and sky. An evolution of the artist’s story featuring his quintessential players, opens up our well traversed forest to the inner mechanisms of territory disputes as they reveal preparation, battles, bivouacking and other wartime adaptations. Through a meticulous hand, Oehlers takes his viewers to a world full of enchantment and tale that is quite close to home. One just need look. ABOUT ADAM OEHLERS: Adam Oehlers was born in Coventry, England and now lives and works out of the UK. He works in pencil, pen and watercolour to create his Illustrations and shadowboxes. He is an Award winning illustrator and well known artist whose illustrations grace many publications, such as his book ‘The Mushroom Garden’ written and illustrated by Adam, ‘A Stranger’s Tale’ written by Natasa Xerri, his interpretation of the classic text ‘The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’, “Cinderella Jump Rope Rhymes” and his ghost story graphic novel “Dear Little Emmie”. He is currently working on his next book ‘The Wildered Lands’ which he has authored himself. As well as his publications and exhibitions he has turned his hand towards animation with Owl House Studios, he has worked as concept artist for the Award winning Music Video for Steven Wilsons ‘Routine’, as Writer and Artist for Metallicas music video ‘Here comes Revenge’, Writer and Artist for Passengers music video ‘Beautiful Birds’ and Yovas ‘Innocent Man’. He has also illustrated the award winning tarot deck ‘Oak, Ash and Thorn’ with Tree Trees Tarot. His inspirations include classic illustrators such as Arthur Rackam, Gustave Doré, Edward Gorey, Tony Wolf, John Vernon Lord and Shaun Tan and he finds endless inspiration from music, namely Tom Waits, a constant backdrop to his studio. Oehlers work has been exhibited in the U.K, Europe, America and Australia.

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