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Larysa Bernhardt, “My Heart is a Wild Garden”
December 16th, 2023 – January 14th, 2024.

“It was a strange year, year of questioning my heart – are you black with white stripes? are you white with black stripes? I guess the answer is – yes to both, and to so much more. My heart is a latticework strewn with morning glories in quiet cottage garden, and a peacock on the edge of marble fountain, and a night blooming datura visited by sphinx moths, my heart is the flower nobody planted that’s watching me with intense from a cemetery’s far corner, and forget-me-nots in first rays of sunlight covered in dew of crystal tears. My heart is a screech of a single bird in flight where sky meets horizon, and peony faithfully blooming every year near foundation left from a house no one remembers. My heart is a dark well and I have to reach down deep to get water for my soul. My heart lives in a wild garden behind the gates locked with daisy chains and I’m opening its gates for you.

Welcome to the Wild Garden of my Heart.

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