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Orphné Achéron, “Eschatiai”

Exhibition runs: December 16th, 2023 – January 14th, 2024

Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is honored to present “Eschatiai”, a solo show of eight new paintings from French artist Orphné Achéron exploring the narrative outskirts of Greco-Egyptian mythology.
“Eschatiai” is Achéron’s second solo show at the gallery and a continuation of her multi-faceted research of the ancient world with a focus on the leisures of known deities of the time.

ABOUT Orphne Acheron

Orphne Acheron is a painter and illustrator inspired by Antiquity, mythology and medieval times. She studied fashion and art history in a Parisian school. Orphne, “nymph of Darkness” was the wife of Acheron, an underground branch of the Styx, carrying the souls of the dead… This name chosen by the artist thus evokes Eternity, Mythology, immersion in mysterious depths. One will find in the drawings of Orphné Achéron strength and melancholy. Warriors or spectral, contemplative and protective creatures. A struggle between chaos and inner peace.

Artist Statement
The Eschatiai, meaning in Ancient Greek “margins” or “Borders of the city”, were the regions outside culture and beyond properties. These wild spaces were essentially defined as non-productive, in contrast with both urban and rural spaces. In Mythology, these were the farthest parts of the world where various deities associated with the wilderness reigned.

Working on this theme “Eschatiai” allows me to explore the myths and the cults associated with this mysterious and enigmatic place. The works in this collection are inspired by Dionysian and Orphic myth and cult, the God Pan, Faun and the God Dionysus-Bacchus, the Mother Nature Goddess Isis-Artemis, and the Goddess Flora with Greco-Roman and Egyptian influences.

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