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Adam Oehlers
May 2nd – May 31st, 2020

Due to the current state of the world, please note the following:

1) The following works are available unframed and ready to ship from the UK.
Artwork is available framed for an additional +$60 but framing and shipping time is TBD as it is based on when Adam’s framer opens again.
‘Prologue’ | ‘Charging’ | ‘The East Wind’ | ‘The South Wind’ | ‘Stepping into Spring’ | ‘The West Wind’ | ‘Shea Seren’

2) All shadowbox come framed. Framing and shipping time is TBD as it is based on when Adam’s framer opens again.
‘The Trail’ | ‘The Tempest’ | ‘The Warren’ | Metamorphosis

3) The below artworks are framed and ready to ship from Haven Gallery:
‘Finale’ | ‘The Stranger’ | ‘The North Wind’ | ‘Watcher in the Oak’ | ‘Arachne’ | ‘The Sleeping Giants’ | ‘Brambles’ | The Three Sisters | ‘Eclipse’ | ‘On the Trail’ | ‘Strange Bird’


Haven Gallery is honored to present Adam Oehlers for his third solo show, “Thistledown”. “Thistledown” will consist of a collection of new watercolour paintings, ink drawings and shadowboxes that explore the natural world. It is through Oehler’s nostalgic exploration and desire to survey the world at its most tiny and grand scales, that his work transcends our experiences and brings us back to the curiosity and wonder of our younger selves. His use of intricate line work results in highly detailed compositions that speak to our inner explorer; leaving no blade of grass or rock shape unturned. A notable aspect of this new collection is its feature of recent illustrations created for a publication entitled “The Strangers Tale”. A narrative work of fiction by Natasa Xerri, whose characters and settings echo Oehler’s timeless tales of imagination and adventure. Adam’s characteristic female protagonists and animals can be seen embarking on new adventures throughout this series, some of which are inspired by his own personal experiences with his family in the woodlands near their home.


Adam Oehlers was born in Coventry, England and now lives and works out of the UK. He works in pencil, pen and watercolour to create his Illustrations and shadowboxes. He is an Award winning illustrator and well known artist whose illustrations grace many publications, such as his interpretation of the classic text ‘The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’, “Cinderella Jump Rope Rhymes”, his ghost story graphic novel “Dear Little Emmie”, ”The Errand” written by Leo LaFluer released in 2017 and the second in the series ”The Warlock” due to be released later this year. He is currently working on his next book ‘The Mushroom Garden’ which he has authored himself.

As well as his publications and exhibitions he has turned his hand towards animation, he has worked as concept artist for the Award winning Music Video for Steven Wilsons ‘Routine’, as Writer and Artist for Matallicas music video ‘Here comes Revenge’, Writer and Artist for Passengers music video ‘Beautiful Birds’ and Steven Wilsons ‘People who eat Darkness’, currently being use in his live shows, due to be released publicly soon. He also worked as writer and Concept artist for Ovosonios emotional award-winning game ‘Last Day of June’.

His inspirations include well known illustrators such as Arthur Rackam, Gustave Doré, Edward Gorey, Tony Wolf, John Vernon Lord and Shaun Tan and he finds endless inspiration from the Music of Tom Waits, a constant backdrop to his studio. Oehlers work has been exhibited in the U.K, Europe, America and Australia.

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