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Amy Minchew
May 2nd – May 31st, 2020

Haven Gallery is pleased to present a collection of oil paintings by Amy Minchew for her second mini solo show at the gallery. Amy’s paintings fuse the beauty of flora with the female form. A notable aspect of this new collection harks back to historical motifs such as art nouveau framework. Intricate and stylized borders can be seen intermingling with her quintessential, highly detailed flora, as they harmonize and serve as a framing device for her female sitters. Much of Amy’s work is inspired by her dreams as she states, “My dreams are to blame for the most vivid, dark, sad and terrifying moments of my life and they, more than anything, fuel the inspiration behind my work. I like to think of my work as capturing moments that we initially see as irrelevant, but have a profound impact on us when our memories take us back to them.”

Born in August, 1986, from childhood to adulthood, Atlanta-based artist Amy Katherine Minchew was rarely ever spotted without a sketchbook in hand. Her early homeschool experience with its flexibility and versatility allowed her the freedom to explore her creativity under no confines or limitations. She has been diligently working on creating her own brand of beautifully painted images. Using all different types of media, she adds in elements and influential symbols of her past and present to each piece. Beyond the aesthetics of her artwork, Amy brings an overwhelming sense of passion to her paintings. Touching on themes of love, death, conflict and duality, Amy’s art tells stories of strength and hope through emotion and sentiment with her sensual beauties and signature doe-eyed women. Her work is often recognized by her signature, abstract mandala designs, variations of Heterochromia, the melancholic expressions of her characters, and her distinctive curvaceous, soft women.

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