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Alfred Liu “Side Quest” January 22nd – February 20th, 2022 Haven Gallery is honored to present Australian based artist Alfred Liu for his first solo show “Side Quest” at the gallery. “Side Quest” will feature six works on paper that chronicle the small but mighty adventures of the artist’s multi-species characters. Liu’s gouache paintings are a pastiche of his Chinese heritage, Australian upbringing and love for the supernatural stories found throughout mythology, science fiction and fantasy genres. These visions of lore defy gravity and reality while merging animal and human worlds into one, ultimately creating timeless tales of universality and adventure. “Side Quest” magnifies the sub-journies one must experience in any epic escapade, reminding us of our own life journeys, and thus, to appreciate all those we meet, accomplish and experience, ultimately enriching and distinctifying our own path. —- Artist Statement: During your grand quest, you often encounter many strange and wonderful characters along the way. Some need your help and others have a tale of their own. This show is not about the main story but the little tales that you encounter, as you make your way through the hero’s journey. So grab your sword and traveller’s pack, head off on your adventure but don’t forget to look in the little places. For there are secret side quests, mineable ores and herbs to be gathered. —- Artist Biography: Alfred Liu is an Australian artist, his work depicts his love for Australia, the nostalgia of Chinese culture, passion for world history and the escapism of science fiction and fantasy.

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