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Orphne Acheron “Faraway Land” January 22nd – February 20th, 2022 Haven Gallery is honored to present France based artist Orphne Acheron for her first solo show “Faraway Land” at the gallery. “Faraway Land” features nine original works on paper that commemorate the artists classical female divinities depicted with their animal consorts. Acheron’s work is well researched as she studies the architecture, objects, fashions and animals of antiquity. Highly inspired by the art of Ancient Egypt, Art Deco and famous illustrators from the Golden Age, Acheron weaves highly contrasted tones of gold, black and white, with mesmerizing pattern work and detail, ultimately transporting the viewer into these intimate moments not commonly made available to mere mortals such as ourselves. ABOUT Orphne Acheron Orphne Acheron is a painter and illustrator inspired by Antiquity, mythology and medieval times. She studied fashion and art history in a Parisian school. Orphne, “nymph of Darkness” was the wife of Acheron, an underground branch of the Styx, carrying the souls of the dead… This name chosen by the artist thus evokes Eternity, Mythology, immersion in mysterious depths. One will find in the drawings of Orphné Achéron strength and melancholy. Warriors or spectral, contemplative and protective creatures. A struggle between chaos and inner peace.

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