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Eeva Nikunen, “Enchantress” Solo Show
January 26th – February 17th, 2019
Opening Reception with the Artist: January 26th, 6-8pm

Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is pleased to present “Enchantress”, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Finland based artist Eeva Nikunen. “Enchantress” is Eeva’s first solo show at the gallery and entails a collection of fifteen oil works that visually explore the character and escapades of animals and humans as they seek out the magic and adventure around them as well as that of which comes from themselves. Greatly inspired by Finnish and Russian folktales, Nikunen spins these dreamlike narratives into woodland windows of curiosity and play. Through her meticulous detail and precisely rendered brushwork, these moments of imagination and nostalgia encapsulate and transport us to our youth and reignite own sense of innocent wonder.


Eeva Nikunen is an artist, born and living in the south of Finland. Much of her work is inspired by the stories and imagery of Finnish and Russian folktales, as well as the timeless heroes and heroines found in classic literature. With an emphasis on detail and the use of intricate brushwork, her oil paintings are reminiscent of classic fairytale illustrations where human and animal creatures alike possess a magical and dreamlike quality.

Eeva completed her Bachelor of Arts Degree with the emphasis on design studies at the Institute of Art and Design in Vantaa, Finland. Her work has been exhibited at art festivals and conventions around Finland and at The Haven Gallery in New York. Her work has also appeared in publications such as the ImagineFX magazine.

Artist Statement:

‘Enchantress’ is a journey into an enchanted garden where magic comes alive. Inspired by Finnish and Russian folktales, the collection explores themes of human and animal creatures finding their otherworldly qualities and discovering their inner magic. Through intricate brushwork and the attention to decorative details in her oil paintings, Eeva creates a collection where each painting depicts a character answering to the call of imagination and adventure.

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