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Ingrid Tusell, “Anima” April 2nd – April 30th, 2022 Haven Gallery is pleased to present a solo show of new work by Ingrid Tusell entitled “Anima”. This collection represents Ingrid’s second solo exhibition at Haven Gallery and features twelve oil paintings. This show focuses on Ingrid’s impeccable ability of capturing a female subject’s soul, especially those rooted in nature and folklore. Her female portraits gazes into onlookers’ souls while commanding a sense of ethereal knowledge. These paintings emit a divine feminine energy that mixes with animals and plant life, granting them access to a spiritual connection to nature. Each painting successfully embodies unapologetic feminine power that ultimately give her female subjects a sense of immortality and timelessness. Ingrid’s powerful portraits evoke magic that both inspires and gives confidence to those who view her work. Artist statement: “”Anima” represents this mysterious part of human beings that speaks to us about our individual magic. “Anima” is the indestructible aspect of each of us as human beings, a part which connects with wild nature, ancestors, and antique memory. “Anima” appears through an emotion, or just for a moment, represented in my paintings as a goddess of other times.” About Ingrid Tusell: Ingrid Tusell is an artist who was born in Barcelona and is now living in an old, restored mill in the mountainous terrain of Teruel, Spain. Her compositions have human subjects who are reminiscent of strong female indigenous warriors and goddesses. These empowering images of women are amongst fauna and flora associated with the stories they represent. Ingrid’s fascination with nature, life, and death, the divine feminine, and legends of tribes and myth, inspire her to create these hypnotizing portraits. She has exhibited in various parts of the United States in galleries like Alexi Era Gallery in Eugene, Oregon, Haven Gallery in Northport, New York, La Bodega Gallery in San Diego, California and Swoon Gallery in Los Angeles, California, as well as galleries in Portugal. Tusell’s stirring, fantastical, and natural compositions are primarily created using oils on canvas or wood.

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