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Jessica Gordon, “Evadine” May 7th through June 5th 2022

Haven Gallery is honored to present North Carolina based artist, Jessica Gordon, for her first solo exhibition entitled “Evadine” at the gallery. “Evadine” features seven new oil paintings that continue the artists exploration of the human figure and its relationship to water, with the title in memoriam to her recently departed mother. Gordon’s narratives depict the cusp of two worlds and the many layers beneath. Her work is a poetic and multidimensional metaphor representing the depths of existence as they apply on the micro and macro level. Each sitter is presented at surface value in quiet moments of solitude and internal contemplation. The timeless motif of “as above, so below” is elegantly suggested through Gordon’s impressive hand conveying depth and reflection through her medium. An invitation to explore what is beyond the surface extends to the viewers as they reflect their own personal narratives as projected on those who inhabit the artists enigmatic waters. A universal understanding of these deeply private parts of us, and what we choose to share with others, is gracefully painted through this universal enigma of human emotion. ABOUT JESSICA GORDON Jessica Gordon is an American painter focusing on narrative figurative works. Jessica sought a creative outlet which led her to pick up a paintbrush for the first time. She fell in love with the idea of creating something entirely her own. Self-taught, she is paving her way, giving the viewer an insight into her mind and creative instincts. Emerging strong, Jessica’s work has been found in multiple publications and selected for numerous shows throughout the United States. Appreciative of the merited paintings she has created, Jessica looks forward to developing a thoughtful and continuously growing fine art career. Sharing her work has become a passion that drives her. Statement Much of my work includes water as a theme. Water represents in my work, a metaphorical character in the narrative. It is important to me that my art is my own creation. My creative process starts with thumbnail sketches. This leads to setting up scenes to photograph for the source material; which includes gathering people willing to get wet, wardrobe, props, location, lighting etc. Ultimately, I assemble the components, adjusting until the vision in my head is captured or approximated. It is from there that I start the painting process.

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