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The idea behind Symbiosis is the interconnection, dependence and merging of different life forms – animal, fungal, bacterial within the cycles of life and death.

Artist statement
“Dolls as an art form has a unique allure. When finished, they provide not only a piece that is visually stimulating, but they can also morph into a type of companion. Each one, from their conceptual inception within my encephalon to the last finished stitch of their dress, has a distinct personality and voice that they seem to create on their own. When they pass from my hand to another, their spirit can morph and grow to match the needs and desires of that who owns them. I love making them, but I also have the compulsion that they must be made. It’s as if there are incorporeal entities that cry for a physical form, and it is my ear they speak to.” – Karly Perez

About Karly Perez
Karly Perez is a sculptor of art dolls that balance on the natural and unnatural, the literal and the deconstructed. Her inspiration comes from the interconnected state of all life, the merging of human, animal, botanical, and fungal forms. Her sculptures are created using as many natural and textural materials as possible; from bits of roots and dried plants to naturally dyed and pigmented muslin and stone clay. Her dolls have been shown internationally in galleries and featured in magazines.

Please view other available works from Karly here:

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