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KCN, “The Metamorphosis”
Exhibition runs: December 16th, 2023 – January 14th, 2024

Northport, NY– Haven Gallery is excited to present “The Metamorphosis”, a solo exhibition of new works by Taiwanese artist KCN. “The Metamorphosis” is KCN’s first solo show at the gallery and features a collection of ten meticulously executed graphite works exploring emotional relationship between humans through facets of art, technology, culture, war, and science. The lines of time and individuality blur while themes of alienation and “the other” pervade as KCN’s analysis of the historical occupation of Taiwan by Japan, grounds itself as a reoccurring study through his means of narrative portraiture.

Dualistically, one also finds explorations into the humanities and the connective expressions through creativity. A prime example being KCN’s homage to Kafka’s novel, “The Metamorphosis”, where themes of degradation and ultimately transformation, can be seen through his hybrid females who chimerically intertwine the robotic with the organic, resulting in a mutation of both beauty and the grotesque. The portraits are both amalgamating and isolating, bringing a new form of being into existence distinctive from anything before, in turn, creating emotions of solitude and ultimately creating a paradox.

Artist Statement
“The theme is based on Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis,” exploring modern human social relationships and the connection between humanity, technology, and the mind.”

About artist KCN (氫酸鉀)

KCN was born Wu Hsuyao in 1972 in Beidou, Changhua county, Taiwan. He debuted as a cartoonist, with two cartoons, “Kirin the Beast” and “Journey to the West”, and then turned to illustration and game art work. For a long time, Taiwan’s pre-war history has been the main axis of his creation. His works have been popular with painters in Taiwan and Japan. Over the years, he made hundreds of artworks. KCN’s grandfather was a renowned person in the village of Beidou, and was loved by the villagers for his integrity and affection.

KCN was deeply inspired by grandfather’s teaching. After the ban on “Taiwanology” was lifted, KCN read many books about Taiwan’s history. He deeply understood the social atmosphere before World War II and the special emotional ties between Taiwanese and Japanese. His illustrations were also based on the suppressed history and characters of the Japanese colonial era in Taiwan (1895-1945), and his enthusiasm has also inspired many people from all over the world, possibly because of the special historical and emotional bond between Taiwan and Japan. His works have great resonance in Japan and the world.

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